Cinnamon Rolls are now available atSewardEastside and Lakewinds Co-ops!

They are rich, tangy, and sweet with a cinnamon chaser. Pick up a four-pack of these delicious rolls to go with your morning coffee or as an afternoon snack. 

As we all move into summer mode, it's time to fire up the outdoor (or indoor) oven and get baking! We have flour options that are perfect for bread, pasta, cakes and cookies.  Visit our  or our retail partners where we have three sifted and whole grain wheat types, whole grain rye, and pastry flour available.

Our fresh flour, even when sifted, retains most of the whole grain intact.  Whole grains have lipids, vitamins and minerals present.  That means flavor, nutrition and fiber.  Taste the difference, and get baking!

If you need help selecting a flour or have a bread question, please email us: