We purchase most of our grain directly from farmers in the upper Midwest.  By working closely with our farmers we can make sure that we're paying a fair price and collaborating directly to create great flour and bread. Our farmers are cultivating unique grains using sustainable and organic methods. The quality of our flour and bread stems directly from the quality of our farmers, which is why we are grateful to be working with this amazing community of growers. 

  Mark Askegaard

Mark Askegaard

Mark Askegaard  Askegaard Organic Farm

Askegaard Organic Farm is a 900 acre farm situated in the Red River Valley. Mark primarily grows spring wheat, soybeans, and flaxseed, having transitioned to organics in 1995. He is a fourth generation farmer with a passion for preserving the land and promoting the health of communities through organic agriculture and local foods. His daughter Beth is actively involved with the day-to-day activities at the farm.

Jonathon & Carolyn Olson - Fairview Farm

Fairview Farm is a 1100 acre farm located in Cottonwood, MN. Jonathon and Carolyn primarily grow soybeans, wheat, oats, and barley seed, having transitioned to organics in 1998. As Jonathon describes it, "We are using old farming techniques with new farming technology." Jonathon grew up on a seed farm, with recollections of his past in soybean fields. 

Doug Lundeen - Lundeen Farms

Lundeen Farms is a 250 acre farm located 3 miles south of Cokato, MN. Doug and his family farm wheat, corn and soybeans, transitioning to organics in 1997. His family has been farming this acreage since 1920, when his grandfather Victor moved to Cokato. His oldest son Charlie also works on the farm, continuing their family tradition.

Luke Peterson - Peterson Farms

Luke farms wheat near Dawson, MN. He is a husband, father, and farmer who believes people are only as healthy as the environment they live in, and the more diverse the environment is, the better chance it has to survive. Luke’s family farm is transitioning to Organic and provides us with a hard Spring wheat called Forefront.


Ben Penner  Ben Penner Farms

Ben Penner.jpg

Ben Penner Farms exists to inspire human flourishing through agriculture.  The farm is located on 36 acres certified organic land near Belle Plaine and 8 acres near Henderson, Minnesota. He grows, market and sell alfalfa, hard red winter and spring wheat, food grade soybeans and cover crops. Ben uses no-till organic farming practices using a combination of rye cover crops and crop rotations. 

Ben Wenzel and Chad Forsberg

Ben Wenzel and Chad Forsberg are cousins with a family farming history in North Dakota going back over 150 years.  They have teamed up in the past, raising potatoes and other vegetable crops in the rich, black soils of Cavalier County, ND.  Again, they are working together, growing a wide range of both heritage and modern grains for milling, baking, and malting. 

   Still farming the original homestead, Ben raises a variety of small grains which include wheat, sunflowers, and barley.  Focusing on soil fertility, a healthy soil biome, and micro-nutrients, Ben sustains the soil with care to ensure a continued future of quality production.   

  Chad Forsberg farms in Wisconsin, growing a wide range of vegetables and heritage grains. Through careful rotations, mulching, and cover cropping, Chad works to maintain soil health and fertility.  Historically, he has grown and provided heirloom vegetables for the finest restaurants around the Twin Cities.  In recent years he has been raising more heritage and landrace grains, running hundreds of trials, bringing back many varieties not to found anywhere else.