WE've put together a short list of Sites and Videos about Milling and Baking. 

"The Whole Grains Council helps consumers find whole grain foods and understand their health benefits; helps manufacturers and restaurants create delicious whole grain foods; and helps the media write accurate, compelling stories about whole grains."

"For too long, we’ve bred wheat for yield rather than for taste and nutrition. Dr. Stephen Jones, pioneering head of The Bread Lab at Washington State University, explains how his work is bringing delicious flavor back to wheat.
Stephen Jones, PhD, Director of the Bread Lab, Washington State University"

"The Bread Lab is an integral part of the Washington State University Plant Breeding Program in Mount Vernon, Washington. The lab works with thousands of types of wheat, barley, buckwheat and other small grains to identify lines that perform well in the field for farmers, and that are most suitable for craft baking, cooking, malting, brewing, and distilling. Selecting for flavor, nutrition, and distinctive characteristics such as color, the most promising varieties are analyzed and tested to determine the best end uses."

"Sourdough starter is simply flour and water left to ferment, a medium that supports the wild yeast and lactobacilli that surround us all. Fed with more flour, and more water, a sourdough eventually achieves a kind of symbiosis that helps dough rise, without the use of cultivated yeast. That it delivers a pungent, slightly sour and deeply alluring taste to all that you cook with it is a happy side effect. Taste is not, strictly speaking, the point of sourdough."

We sourced our mill from  New American Stone Mills.

"New American Stone Mills is a collaborative stone mill building project between Fulton Forde, owner of Boulted Bread in Raleigh, NC, and Andrew Heyn, owner of Elmore Mountain Bread in Elmore, VT. We began building stone mills out of necessity. We wanted to use large portions of fresh-milled, locally-sourced grain in our products and found that commercially available stone mills could benefit from design improvements conceived by thoughtful bakers. We spent months researching, designing and building a new breed of stone mill that uses locally quarried, natural granite, American made motors and parts, and the insights gained by working daily with stone mills in bakery settings. " 

"The results showed that those who ate the whole grain diet had an increase in Lachnospira, the bacteria that produces short-chain fatty acids, and a decrease in the pro-inflammatory bacteria, Enterbacteriaceae.In addition blood tests showed that participants on the whole grain diet showed modest improvements in levels of memory T cells and TNF-alpha production, both a measure of healthy immune response.In a second study, the team looked at the effect of replacing refined grains with whole grains on weight management."

"At SEYLOU, we are striving to provide an alternative to the commodity-based industrial food system by forming a direct connection between regional farms and consumers. The entire value chain must have the mark of integrity and be grounded in ethics and sustainability. We hope to be a hub for the Local Food movement and an intersection between this movement and those with the power to set policy."