Listen to our discussion on local grains with author amy halloran: 

We are bakers milling flour for bakers. 

Baker's Field Flour & Bread was born from Steve Horton’s experience founding and growing Rustica Bakery. Working with flour every day to craft a variety of artisan quality breads gave Steve an appreciation for fresh flour’s fundamental role in good bread. With that appreciation came awareness that good fresh flour is hard to find. Even in Minneapolis, the Mill City. 


That’s why Steve partnered with Kieran Folliard at FOOD BUILDING to start Baker's Field Flour & Bread. We are returning stone-milling to the Mill City, and baking naturally leavened breads right here in Northeast Minneapolis.

Our region grows an incredible variety of grains, so it just makes sense to mill those grains into flour in our hometown. 

As bakers, we know the importance of good flour. And our farmers know the importance of good wheat. By connecting the bakers' demand for quality flours with the farmers' desire to grow unique breeds of grains Baker's Field Flour & Bread is linking the key people necessary to make delicious bread: farmers, millers, and bakers. We are helping to create a demand for quality grains that our farmers experiment with to find unique flavors, as well as grains that are resilient and regenerative for the soil in a changing climate.

By stone-milling local whole grains into fresh flour, and baking that flour into naturally leavened bread, we are excited to be a part of the good bread revival happening across America.