This bagel recipe from Bakers Hannah and Siri talk you through everything you need to know to make chewy and flavorful bagels at home. Share your bagel making adventures with us on Facebook and Instagram


Recipe from Siri and Hannah

Makes ~11 bagels at 175g each


                                                NATURAL LEVAIN                                                     

Ingredient          Bakers' %          Mass (g)

Total Flour         100                   1115

Bread Flour        90                    850

WW Flour          6                       56

Rye Flour           2                       19

Levain                50                     465

Water                 65                     605

Salt                     2                        19

Barley Flour       3                       28

Total                  218%                   2,042 g


Liquid levain for bagel recipe

Bread Flour       100                     184

Water                 100                     184

Starter                50                        92

Barley Flour       3                          6

Total                   253%                    465 g

1. Feed levain 12-16 hours before mixing. If using a mixer: incorporate all ingredients for 4 minutes on first speed, then mix on second for 6 minutes. If mixing by hand: incorporate all ingredients into a shaggy mass of dough, then develop the dough using the slap and fold method for approximately 10 minutes. 

2. Let dough ferment for 1.5 hours in a warm space. Divide dough into 6oz pieces and then lightly pre-shape into rounds, cover and rest for 30-40 minutes. 

3. Poke holes through the dough rounds and then enlarge the o-shape. Place on parchment lined sheet pans and retard in the fridge for 10-18 hours.

4. Fill a medium stock pot with water and add either 1T malt syrup, molasses, honey or baking soda. Boil bagels for about 1 minute and return to lined sheet pans, OR top bagels with seeds, if using. 

5. Bake at 500 degrees F for 20 minutes and then 430 degrees F for 8-10 minutes. 


When using a mixer for your dough, use water around 77F with the goal of your final dough being around 80F.

If mixing by hand you will want a slightly warmer water, around 85F

These temperatures are guidelines based on our production space - if you know you keep your home on the cool side you will see differences in fermentation time. Ways to curb this include using warmer water when mixing, letting your dough proof in the oven with the light on or on top of your refrigerator. Just a few degrees makes a difference!

When boiling your bagels, we have given you the guidelines on what to add to the water, but left the choice up to you. Here at Baker's Field, we use malt syrup because it imparts a complex sweetness and also encourages browning. Molasses will accomplish similar results but with a more molasses-y flavor, honey gives just the lightest floral sweetness and nor much browning, and baking soda only encourages browning without the added sweetness.