As the first snow of the year fell, we bakers paused for a moment to stare out the window in silence. We typically don’t stop working, so this quiet moment of stillness felt special. The first snow! As always, we were all dressed in tee-shirts, and were plenty warm because bakers never stop moving, there’s always something to do, and because the wood-fired oven is always churning out heat, 500 degrees all day. Winter at the bakery is cozy.

All of this is to say, the holiday season has arrived! We will be busy for the rest of the year, supplying you, our customers, with all your holiday needs. Thanksgiving is next week, and we've got you covered. Do you need pie? We'll be making pumpkin and apple. Do you need breakfast for Thanksgiving morning? Buy our caramel rolls. The list goes on....

Through our online shop, you can pre-order pie, cookies, caramel rolls, squash rolls, and bread. Items can be picked up at FOOD BUILDING on Wednesday, November 21st between noon and 5pm.

Although it’s hard to choose, my personal recommendation? The caramel rolls. These sweet, sticky treats will be ready to be baked on Thursday morning, so you can impress your family with fresh, warm caramel rolls. My second recommendation? Squash rolls. These little rolls are slightly sweet and plenty soft. They are a huge step up from plain buns and will elevate your Thanksgiving meal.

See you on Wednesday!