Hello from the bakery, where the holidays have hit in full force, and we are busy! Happily busy, I should add. Patrick started building boxes for holiday cookies last week; Wes mixed the first batch of Hazels; and Siri figured out how thick to roll the Speculaas. Today, Nate scaled cranberries, currents, and candied lemon and orange peel for our Stollen bread. The fruit gets soaked with 2 GINGERS Whiskey, which only adds to the joy of Stollen.

I am quite proud of our holiday cookies this year. The cookies boast flavor and each variety is unique. I asked Siri which is her favorite, and even though she struggled to name one, she landed on the Hazels. The Hazels are dense and chewy and made with hazelnut flour. Cherries and apricots are mixed into the dough, and I've never tasted anything quite like them. They are nutty and not too sweet.

My favorite are the Linzers -- a layered cookie with jam in the middle; the jam peaks out through a cut-out on top. Honestly, I think they are my favorite because they are pretty, and who doesn't love a pretty holiday cookie? It helps that they taste good too! They are beautifully tender with the flavors of butter, almond flour, lemon zest, and tart jam all shining through. (Also, they are a lot of work to make -- dealing with the tender dough and the cut-out on the top layer -- but I still love them, so they must truly be delicious!)

So, down to business. How can you find our cookies? (And other holiday items, including our German holiday bread Stollen.)

Place your order for cookies, bread, and flour by Wednesday, 12/19 and pick up your order at FOOD BUILDING on Saturday, 12/22 during our Last Call Holiday Market.

Questions? Let us know!

--Baker Hannah