Well, the holidays are over, and we bakers are catching up on sleep and settling into winter. The holidays at a bakery are busy, and January is the perfect time to recover and enjoy quieter days. January is also an opportunity for some spring cleaning! We’ve already re-dressed the mill stones, which means we re-sharpened them so we can mill consistent flour (we do this about every four months because the groves in the mill wear over time). We’ve also done some deep cleaning and testing of new recipes. (We may have made donuts last week….!) We are ready for a new year.

One thing I’ve been thinking about this January is how much we value customer feedback. Please email us if you have a question about baking with our flour. Please email us if you’d like to see one of our products at your grocery store. Please email us if you have a question about ingredients. You get the idea.

Last week, a customer took the time to email us a compliment. We are happy to accept those as well. :) Seriously though, as a wholesale operation, we don’t get to talk to our customers as much as we’d like to, so we enjoy hearing about what we’re doing right.

Customer Paul wrote: “I just tried my first loaf of your bread, the Complete bread. It was everything a loaf of bread should be! I can’t praise this bread enough. I now have a new favorite bakery (and no town is complete without a great bakery)!”

How nice is that? As Head Baker Steve said, “We bake our bread with the hopes that it will bring joy.” So it’s nice to know that we at least brought joy to a customer.

Happy New Year, bread-lovers. In 2019, let’s resolve to eat more bread!

--Baker Hannah

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