A Note from Steve:

Last month was our inaugural Garage Door Pop-Up Event—we opened the bakery and mill to sell our breads and all kinds of other goodies. We ended up having a good problem that day—we sold out of all our product before 11 am. To be honest, when I saw the long lines, I was simultaneously elated and terrified.

Several guests at our first Garage Door Pop-Up asked me why we built a mill. The short answer is finding out how different grains tasted. Building a stone mill allows us to mill grain in a way that leaves the germ still intact—and with it, proteins and fat that bring nutrition and flavor.

The opportunity to open our space and show why and how we mill and bake the way we do is exciting for us. It was heartening to see roughly 300 people curious enough about bread to line up on a chilly winter day.

I invite you to come see the mill in action on March 26, from 10 until sold out.

And I promise—this time we’ll make more bread.

All best,

Stephen Horton
Owner, Miller & Baker