You know how poets write about a feeling of discontent that settles in as winter gives way to spring? We Minnesotans are acutely aware of this ennui that feels a bit like a hangover from a long winter of being cooped up inside. It’s been like that at the bakery lately. We’re excited about the new grain currently in the ground that in a few months’ time will be milled by us and turned into bread, but the thought of that alone doesn’t quite scratch the itch.

And so, we’ve been experimenting.

The bakers have been working with salted levains. This is new territory for us—we are maximizing the yeast but minimizing acidity to create mellower bread that still has grain-flavor…kind of like a perfect spring day, not too much of this or that.

The poets often write about spring as a time for suitors. Love and the smell of spelt-and-corn-grain bread is in the air at the bakery.  This new variety, along with ciabatta and some of our current breads in smaller sizes, is debuting at Kowalski’s Marketsthis spring. Find us in Hennepin, Lyndale and Grand Avenue stores.

Downtown dwellers and skyway workers who enjoy good food already know SIMPLS, a grab and go food emporium. We’re delighted that starting today, Baker’s Field bagels and bialys, along with table and seeded demi-loaves of bread, will be available for purchase at their two Minneapolis locations. From 5/16-19, we’ll be offering samples at each location from 7:30 – 9 am and 11:30 am – 1 pm. See you there (and don’t forget to enter the drawing for a Baker’s Field prize).

Speaking of spring flings, our next Pop-Up sale is 5/21. It is during Art-A-Whirl, so come for bread and sundries and stay for the art. FOOD BUILDING is celebrating Art-A-Whirl by hosting 15 local artists for the weekend -- they're also a stop on the Art-A-Whirl Trolley! 


Do you have a personal love affair with bread? Spring is the time to but your seat in our July baking class with me. Come hear about my personal love affair with bread (it’s complicated), and I’ll tell you all my tricks to coaxing the very best flavors from levain and flour. Spoiler alert: like any good relationship, bread requires waiting and patience, so, yes, it is a 2-day class. Only six seats, so act fast.

Eat more bread,